TitleThe truth about parenting kids and being a house husband by a stay at home dad to three children

Smalls on trucks“Since man was created/ climbed down out of the trees/ arrived through some rift in time and space (delete as applicable) he has had to cope with raising Smalls.”

A bold enough statement but not particularly true because it has actually nearly always been woman’s role to take the primary parenting responsibility of raising children.  But the times, they are a changing, and fathers now often find themselves in uncharted territory; at home, trying to cope with tasks that they have neither been genetically programmed nor socially trained to carry out.  Where do these new house husbands begin?

There are many websites and parenting books filled with child care advice which is largely contradictory as experts extemporise on the latest research into child behaviour, each claiming that theirs is the answer to dealing with the difficult issues surrounding the raising of children.

This is not one of those.  The author is not a parenting expert qualified in child psychology or a super nanny that can sort out problem children just by looking at them in a stern tone of voice.  He is just a house husband, a father as adrift as any other.  He has no parenting advice to offer but can, perhaps, share some of the pain of Raising Smalls.

This website contains the entire contents of a book published under the title: The A-Z of Raising Smalls – A House Husband’s View.

It is all here, free for you to browse through.  Just follow the links in the menu.

Book Cover pictureHowever, if you would rather read it as a book, in either paperback or Kindle format, you can purchase it at Amazon.

Alternatively you can download a pdf version by clicking on the paypal BUY button below.  Click on the ‘return to Book4Children’ option to go to the download page.  If that fails for any reason, contact me at royston.wood@live.co.uk.

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Not so much a parenting guide full of advice, more the reality of parenting kids and being a house husband and father, written by a stay at home dad to three children.

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