Afternoon Nap

Child sleeping afternoon napThis was something I had to give up.  However, once I managed to get Small to have an afternoon nap it provided me with a precious hour or, if I was really lucky, two in which to double my pace and crack on with all the chores that I hadn’t managed to get to because of Small.

It was really worthwhile getting Small into a regular afternoon sleeping pattern.  Knowing I had ‘free’ time in the afternoon enabled me to relax into the hours lost playing with Small without constantly worrying about the things I was not getting done.

2 smallsProblems arose with the advent of a second Small.  There was no obvious benefit to having only one Small asleep so I had to work hard to establish a joint sleep routine, otherwise the Smalls formed a tag team against me.

The more Smalls you have the greater the problem becomes: statistically, your chances of free time vanish towards zero as the number of Smalls increase. Indeed, we were unlucky with Small 3, who didn’t sleep in the day at all.  On the positive side he is a sound sleeper at night (but always wakes between 5:00 am and 6:00 am, summer or winter).  He just doesn’t seem to need as much sleep as Smalls 1 & 2 did.

Not so much a parenting guide full of advice, more the reality of parenting kids and being a house husband and father, written by a stay at home dad to three children.

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