This was the easy part.  As much as possible I let the technology take the strain. It was all about logistics – grabbing those five minutes when I had them.  I would chuck the washing in the machine first thing so I could hang the clothes out (or hurl them in the dryer – one of our best purchases ever) before I went out on my errands.  That meant they would be dry when I got home ready to be folded and put away.  I did not iron them, life is too short and I had a Small.

I tidied as I went, never moving from one area of the house to another empty handed if there was something that needed to be moved and put back in its place.  Although I had to resist the temptation to tidy up Small’s play things until Small was not there.  That would have been wasted effort and potentially dangerous.  At best Small would get everything back out and at worst he would have a complete meltdown until I got everything back out.  A caveat to this rule was that I had to get rid of 90% of the play things  just before mum got home from work, otherwise it would have looked like I had done nothing all day (for full details see Quarter to Six).  The best way to do this without fuss was to bribe Small with biscuits, which distracted him long enough for the things to go away and mum to arrive.  If he then got everything back out again it didn’t matter.

Not so much a parenting guide full of advice, more the reality of parenting kids and being a house husband and father, written by a stay at home dad to three children.

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