Possett Cloths

Posset cloths are muslin squares (bits of fabric, not non-trendy followers of Islam), also known as burp cloths.  They formed an essential part of my Small kit.

Posset cloths formed an invaluable barrier between Small and me after a feed.  Before placing Small over my shoulder to see if he wanted to bring up any wind, I would drape a posset cloth over the area first.  This was because in Small’s early days he would often burp up milk after a feed, known as a posset (hence both names).

In addition to protecting my clothes, posset cloth were also used for:

  • wiping Small’s mouth and chin clean after a feed/possett,
  • containing urine fountains when changing nappies, mopping up spills,
  • sponging my brow when things were getting too hot and frantic (but not directly after the above),
  • wiping my face when I wasn’t quick enough to contain a urine fountain, and
  • crying into.

In the same way that a chef has a tea towel draped over his shoulder or tucked into his apron, I found myself walking around the house with a posset cloth.  It was not been unknown for me to visit the shops with a cloth still over my shoulder, ready for action.

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